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Hi!! I'm Muhammad. I'm 23, i live in Beijing,China. I created this wiki on Monday 26th December 2011. I created this wiki because i'm a hardcore gamer, i play lots of games. I own a PS3, an Xbox 360, and a PSP. And i'm really into japanese games like Monster hunter, Kingdom hearts, Final fantasy, Devil may cry, and lots more. I really enjoy playing Monster hunter and Kingdom hearts. If you haven't played any if these games mentioned above, i highly recomend that you purchase these games immediately. I'm also a member of IGN and Gamespot. On IGN you can check my profile under Muhammad23. I'm also a fan of the God Of War series playing and finishing every one of the God Of War games. Basically i fully support Sony Computer Entertainment. I'm not saying i'm a fanboy but i'm saying the Playstation 3, the Playstation 2, the PSP and the Playstation Vita have fully caught my attention. Plus the publishing video game studios under SCE WorldWide studios like Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch productions have produced Incredible Franchises like Uncharted and Infamous respectively. Microsoft also caught my attention when the Xbox 360 was released in North america. It was Highly Praised by IGN, Gamespot, Joystiq and so on. in the next few pages, you'll be reading walkthroughs, Cheats, Guides, Secret endings of games like Kingdom hearts, God of war, Killzone, Monster hunter, and so on. Ciao!!

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